Window shutters have been permanent fixtures in the home for quite some time now. They do not easily go out of style and last a long time compared to blinds and drapes, since window shutters are easier to maintain.

Window shutters are a standard in historical buildings from Italy and New England to the whole of Europe. They have an undeniably universal appeal—they can be found both in cottages in the woods and in great agricultural masterpieces.

Exterior window shutters need paint with an oil-based primer coat tinted close to the desired final color. The oil penetrates the wood and protects it from moisture. The paint should be sprayed and reach the seams and joints and around louvers and corners.

For the top two coats, a good quality exterior latex paint should be used since it will not fade or turn chalky unlike its oil-based counterpart. The shutter caps used should also be painted since the top edges can be penetrated by moisture. The opaque paint finish prevents sunlight from getting into the wood fibers.

If you want a natural wooden look, exterior window shutters can also be stained. Choose products that are made for exterior and marine use. The drawback is that the shutter then needs maintenance and refurbishing to maintain its beauty.

Window shutters provide a beautiful and durable option to blinds, drapes, and shades. They last longer and can be cleaned easily, and they have no dangling cords that can strangle children.

Parents can have peace of mind since they can leave their children alone in their rooms while at play in the morning and while sleeping at night. Window shutters are durable and safer than their counterparts, and they also provide better security.