When looking for interior window shutters, keep the following guidelines in mind. First, it is important to look for the right louver tension. Shutter louvers should have smooth operation and should remain in a selected position, guaranteed for the shutters’ lifetime.

Next, it is important to select quality in materials. Remember that wood is the preferred material for interior window shutters. Basswood and alder are the most popular choices. Cedar may also be used, but that wood is more fitted for exterior window shutters.

Third, shutters need to be mortised for hinges to be assured of a tight fit within the window. It is mortised to prevent gaps from appearing on the hanging side. These gaps will allow light to come in between the window jamb and the panel.

Also, check for stiles in between panels. Shutter panels should not be packed together since this creates a gap in between.

Be sure to ask for a finished sample from the manufacturer. You can check the quality of the construction at once. Also, you can visualize how the shutters will look once installed in your home.

Do not forget to check the quality of the finish. Remember that a quality paint finish has to be thick and smooth. For durability, there must be several coats of paint and you must not be able to feel the wood grain. On the other hand, a stain finish should have enough glossy or satin protective top coating.

Lastly, you might want to inquire about custom building since there is no standard size for windows. It is important for each window to be individually measured. The interior shutter should also be custom-made to fit the opening of the window by one and one-sixteenth of an inch to prevent gaps.

Remember these tips as you look for interior window shutters to fit your lifestyle and budget.